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Chef Ash_Ash

Threw the eyes of a Chef in Training

Chef Ashley
11 January 1990
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Hi I'm Ashley and I am currently working on my Culinary Arts @ North County Technical High School in Florissant, MO. I plan on being a chef when I get older. Maybe stay in town and go to L'Ecole Culinaire, or Forest Park. Or go out of state and live in Louisville Kentucky and study Culinary Arts @ Sullivan University. You're probably wondering why the Ash_ash picked being a chef...Why? Because I love making stuff...and showing my creative side of me, and it's all 8th grades fault. I took a FACS class (family and consumer science) we had a group of 6 ppl in our kitchens...and omg everyone wanted to be involved and I barely got to do anything cause everyone hogged the jobbies. So I took those recipes home and did them by myself. Then in 10th grade I took a Food and Nutrition class and just felt like this was the right thing for me! So I enrolled into N. Tech and got into their Culinary Arts program...and boy its FUN, I met a lot of ppl in there who actually want to be there, and have a future in the Culinary Arts business. So Watch food network in the future...cause you might see me there :P