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*sigh* guys are such pussies. LOL

Wednesday Jan 17, 2007:

So....yesterday....I was helping Theresa prepare for the Competition and Me and Sydney were her helpers....and I was doing my own little thing with her stuff and my friend Steve was like...."Hey Ashley can I borrow you for a second?" I'm like what now *in my head* He didn't wanna fuck up his tomatoes with dicing them.....so he wanted me to dice some tomatoes for him....well guess what. I sliced my finger with the knife...so I got cut because of his dumb self "couldn't cutting up a tomato"  and its the tiniest little cut though....and it bleed for a good 5 minutes....and then when I got to Will's he properly bandaged it up for me....lol. I didnt put a bandaid on it today....cause I wanted it to get some air and to scab.

Today: Thursday Jan 18, 2007

Today....no cuts lol. But today....I helped Theresa prep for the competition and she got everything done....and omg we made enchilldas (sp) and OMG they were DAMN GOOD. I wanna make them for my family now. I need to start getting into the kitchen and start making dinner. Maybe surprise them some night...and have Will come over. I just wanna get in the kitchen and help. Or have mom sleep in a bit longer (cause she works night and sleeps during the day) And all she has to do is get up and shower instead of get up...shower and then worry about dinner. So yeah. But anyways....Hopefully tomorrow will be another adventure TOOTLES! :)



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